In what daytime soap operas did the following movie stars once act:

The stars and daytime soap operas:

Tom Berenger—”One Life to Live” (ABC, 1968–), playing Tim Siegel
Ellen Burstyn—”The Doctors” (NBC, 1963-82), playing Dr. Kate Bartok
Robert DeNiro—”Search for Tomorrow” (CBS, NBC, 1951-87)
Dustin Hoffman—”Search for Tomorrow”
Raul Julia—”Love of Life” (CBS, 1951-80), playing Miguel Garcia
Bette Midler—”The Edge of Night” (CBS, ABC, 195684)
Susan Sarandon—”A World Apart” (ABC, 1970-71), playing Patrice Kahlman; “Search for Tomorrow,” playing Sarah Fairbanks
Kathleen Turner—”The Doctors,” playing Nola Dancer Christopher Walken—”The Guiding Light” (CBS, 1952–), playing Mike Bauer
Sigourney Weaver—”Somerset” (NBC, 1970-76), playing Avis Ryan