Was Jefferson Davis wearing women’s clothing when he was captured?

Jefferson Davis wearing women’s clothing when he was captured was the unsubstantiated rumor that spread among Union soldiers after the president of the Confederacy was captured near Irwinville, Georgia, on May 10, 1865.

Supposedly Davis had donned his wife’s cloak and shawl to disguise himself from the enemy.

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  1. According to his wife’s letter, she told the Union soldiers to leave Davis alone “Its my mother”. Her sister also told the soldier Davis was their mother, even after the soldier’s stopped Davis, he would not speak and not remove the hood that completely obscured his face.

    The ruse was exposed when a Union soldier pulled the hood back.

    This letter is still in library of Congress, and has been for over 100 years. In it, Varina Davis stops just short of admitting it was a dress, but says, in effect, well, so what if it had been, he wore it because he so loved the South.

    Davis himself claimed he had on his normal clothing — no ratigan by mistake — which his apologist claim. In fact, Davis was so emphatic, so extreme, that he actually had a picture taken of himself in the EXACT clothes he claimed to have worn. Nothing over his shoulders or over his head by mistake. Davis claimed he was the hero, that he stood next to his children and defended them, and only allowed his capture because he defended his children.

    But his wife and his nephew, as well as Union soldiers reports, both show Davis in three layers of female clothing, running away from his children.

    Remember that — his nephew’s journal, Davis was wearing three layers of female clothing AND was running leaving his children in danger as bullet’s flew. It’s Davis wife and nephew’s documents Southern apologist hope you don’t learn about.

    For years Southern apologist and Davis devotees, including Shelby Foote, have claimed the “dress story” was an exaggeration by “Northern papers”/. Actually the first paper to report Davis running away in a dress was in Macon GA. That’s right, the first paper to report Davis running away in female clothing was Southern — and nearby, and correct.

    Furthermore — it was NOT just a “ratigan” thrown over his shoulders, it was much more. According to his wife’s letter, where she tries to take the blame for the three garments (yes, three female garments) one garment was a full bodied head to ankle “dressing gown”.

    But Union reports, written at the time, show they had Davis remove the dress!! And Varina came out of the tent (she was allowed to help him change) came out of the tent wearing that exact dress! She put that dress on, probably to stop the Union soldiers from taking it as souvenir. That is in the soldiers reports — which are matter of fact, and draw almost no attention to that detail.

    If you know all the documents — the reports, Varina’s letter, and the nephew’s journal, you will see Davis own silly statements and insistence he wore his manly clothes only, and protected his children, is just nonsense. He is the only one that claims that. He was running away, in his wife’s dress, and Southern apologist have tried to cover that up for 150 years

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