What were the 12 labors of the Greek hero Hercules?

Over the course of 12 years’ service to Eurystheus, king of Mycenae, Hercules performed the following known as The Twelve Labours of Hercules:

1. Killed the Nemean lion
2. Killed the hydra of Lerna
3. Captured the Erymanthian boar
4. Captured the hind of Artemis
5. Killed the man-eating Stymphalian birds
6. Cleaned the Augean stables
7. Captured the Cretan bull
8. Captured the horses of Diomedes
9. Captured the girdle of Hippolyte
10. Captured the cattle of the monster Geryon
11. Captured Cerberus, the three-headed dog
12. Stole the golden apples of the Hesperides