When and where was the first U.S. federal prison established?

The first federal prison in America opened in Auburn, New York in 1821.

To regulate prisoner activity, Auburn employed what came to be known as the Auburn system.

In the hopes of instilling discipline and effecting rehabilitation, the Auburn system required inmates to work silently in groups.

When not working, inmates were confined in silence to individual cells to meditate on their crimes.

Economical and labor efficient, the Auburn system became a popular method of imprisonment in the U.S.

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  1. Jason is 100% WRONG. Maybe should do some BASIC research before replying. There was NO “federal” govt when Auburn was built in 1816. It was a STATE prison. And the “federal DISTRICT” was CREATED (by the STATES) in 1871. It is NOT a “govt”. It is a GENERIC DISTRICT. They can have any kind of “govt” they want..but they were not..and ARE not..part of the united States of AMERICA. They have NO JURISDICTION outside their DONATED land…which SOMEHOW, right under our NOSES..has EXPANDED to over SIXTY EIGHT sq miles. Did ANYONE see that happen?? Research the Act of 1871…COMPLETELY UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!

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